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World Leading Advertising Platforms and Social Networks

Convertal delivers results through platforms and networks that reach billions of internet users, on websites, smartphones and tablets. We take your brand where your customers are. We ensure advertising campaigns are cost effective and targeted.


Precise and effective

We help to identify the most relevant and cost-effective channels for reaching your targets.

Search Ads

Search ads help you reach the right target group at the right moment. You pay only when somebody clicks on your ads and reaches your website. Convertal offers search ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex search engines. We are Google Premier Partner and accredited Bing Ads specialists.

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Majority of people use search engines to find information on products and services they need. SEO and SECO help to increase your website's ranking in search engine and improve the conversion rate on your site.

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Banner Ads

Banner ads get your visual messages across, whether it is for products or services. You only pay when people click on your ads and the campaigns are run based on real-time data. We provide regular campaign optimisation to make sure you cost-efficiently reach your most relevant customers.

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Remarketing Ads

Remarketing delivers ads to people who have already been to your website and engaged with your brand and content. Remarketing ads can be shown to all users or a very select group, for example those who have added a product to a shopping cart, but have not checked out.

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Social Media

Social media channels are an increasingly effective way of reacing your potential customers and they provide an abundance of mediums to do so. We help with developing a social media strategy, budgeting and campaign execution. Our competencies are broad, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

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Email Marketing

We help building a loyal and returning customer base through email marketing and list management. Email reaches people who have previously been in touch with your brand or have a high likelihood of having interest in your offerings. We help to set up automated email systems, manage Gmail Sponsored Promotions campaigns, consult on email list generation strategy and much more.

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YouTube Ads

YouTube video ads are great for branding and a cheap alternative for expensive TV advertising. YouTube ads can be precisely targeted based on users' interests, topics, channels and much more.

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Trainings and Consulting

Digital marketing has become a cornerstone of every company's strategy, often being the most important revenue-driver. But staying up-to-date in this fast-paced field is not always easy. We offer trainings and consultation for companies and groups of all sizes, including AdWords training, social media training, email marketing course, strategy consultations and more.

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App Marketing

Make it easier for your app to be found - we offer data-based app marketing campaigns in a range of channels. Effective app campaign grows your app's visibility, brand recognition and user base.

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