YouTube Promotion

Increase brand visibility through targeted sponsored video promotion and adverts!

Video advertising campaigns bring new, larger audiences to your brand in a visually appealing, highly targeted way. For some companies, this can be far more effective than other channels and mediums, especially with YouTube’s active audience of over 1 billion consumers.

Digital video advertising is a cost-effective method, generating more conversions than any other channel, and allowing to measure results with precision.

YouTube Trueview Video Ads

YouTube TrueView only cost when a viewer watches your ad. TrueView is win-win for brands and customers: they only watch what interests them, and you get an engaged potential customer. TrueView ads have four formats: In-stream, In-slate, In-display and In-search. Ads are targeted based on interest groups, topics, demographic and geographic data and much more.

Google Display Network Video Ads

Google Display Network is an effective AdWords product designed to leverage visual content across a vast network of websites, games and apps. This offers you a broad reach that can be precision-targeted based on your customer's' profile.

We offer full management of Display Network campaigns based on your required goals, whether you are growing brand awareness, driving direct conversions or building traffic.